I still remember my very first friend when I started reception as a 4 year old back in 1985. I am now 35 and still making new friends every day, not so many as I did growing up but the odd aquantance here and there. Friends are important to the growing up phase and they build our characters up and develop our personalities. My 13 year old son has a Facebook account it is stated on there that he has over 1000 friends. how many are true friends? unforgettable friends?We all have different friends that we make in different environments. Me an my first friend bonded together until about 2nd year juniors when he moved away, I often saw him when he came to see his family in the school holidays but that friendship soon drifted apart and i haven’t seen him since I was about 11. I had friends in my street, they were real close friends who i’d be out playing in the street with on those late summer nights, bike races, football, manhunt. Then I’d have my teenage rebellious years with the friends I’d share my first cigarette with, first beer and first time flirting with drugs, getting ourselves into trouble with adults and also a few times with the law. I then had other friends who I spent the last year’s of high school with- late nights at the park drinking smoking an kissing girls – the best days of my life. This was followed by my first job and meeting new friends in my employment, first memories in the pub having a laugh. Then it was stag do’s with our mates before they settled down. Meeting there new bast friends and soul mates and getting married. The movement to adult life came when my son was born  and I had to become a man but new friendships continued to come when attending dad’s clubs and meeting other parents at nurseries and schools. It’s a long journey I’ve come on. I am still in touch with some friends from my early days although some have disappeared I can say I haven’t grew up alone and the memories I have shared with the people I grew up with will never be forgotten. I now have 3 best friends in my partner, son & daughter. I thank you all – my friends.

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